The new law in South Africa has forced smoking outdoors. Unfortunately we are presented with a new set of problems. Cigarette butts!

Why Ash n Ad serviced ashtrays?

Leased & Serviced Packages - Designated Smoking Areas

What are properties and business struggling with at the moment?

  • Non compliance with the New Smoking Legislation
  • Unsightly overfilled ashtrays.
  • Unattractive and unhygienic building entrances.
  • Unpleasant tobacco & nicotine odours
  • Random cleaning schedule of smoking areas
  • Careless approach to cigarette butt litter
  • Lack of effective solutions or facilities to accommodate outdoor smoking.

What are the consequences of not taking action?

  • Continued rise of cigarette butt litter across your property or environment.
  • Landscape & gardening teams wasting countless hours picking up cigarette butts
  • Increased frequency of blocked storm water and general drains.
  • Loss of control and disregard for any designated smoking areas.
  • No respect in a solution that is not maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • Rise in unpleasant tobacco and nicotine odors.

What achievements can you expect from choosing Ash n Ad's serviced ashtrays?

  • Successful introduction of a noticeable and effective designated smoking area.
  • Promoting a strict stance towards cigarette butt litter.
  • Regaining control of outdoor smoking on your property.
  • Encouraging a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Accommodating all your visitors, employees, tenants, public and non smokers.
  • Know that your ashtrays are cleaned, sanitised and managed carefully.
  • Weekly serviced and sanitised ashtrays.
  • We uphold a strict cleaning policy and strategy towards our service.
  • We assist properties with smoking legislation compliance.
  • Trustworthy smoking area management.
  • Affordable and easy to implement.