The new tobacco legislation in South Africa has for a number of years forced smoking to take place outdoors. The unfortunate part is that we are presented with a new set of problems and headaches to manage on a continued basis. Cigarette butts are causing havoc!

That is why our business was born and we are working super hard to becoming the trusted and specialised service provider to manage your designated smoking areas, serviced ashtrays and cigarette butt waste.

Why Ash n Ad serviced ashtrays?

What are properties and business struggling with at the moment?

  • Non compliance with the New Smoking Legislation
  • Unsightly overfilled ashtrays.
  • Unattractive and unhygienic building entrances.
  • Unpleasant tobacco & nicotine odours
  • Random cleaning schedule of smoking areas
  • Careless approach to cigarette butt litter
  • Lack of effective solutions or facilities to accommodate outdoor smoking.

Why should you be interested in our specialised serviced ashtrays?

  • Weekly serviced and sanitised ashtrays.
  • We uphold a strict cleaning policy and strategy towards our service.
  • We assist properties with smoking legislation compliance.
  • Trustworthy smoking area management.
  • Affordable and easy to implement.


What are the consequences of not taking action?

  • Continued rise of cigarette butt litter across your property or environment.
  • Landscape & gardening teams wasting countless hours picking up cigarette butts
  • Increased frequency of blocked storm water and general drains.
  • Loss of control and disregard for any designated smoking areas.
  • No respect in a solution that is not maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • Rise in unpleasant tobacco and nicotine odors.

What achievements can you expect from choosing Ash n Ad's serviced ashtrays?

  • Successful introduction of a noticeable and effective designated smoking area.
  • Promoting a strict stance towards cigarette butt litter.
  • Regaining control of outdoor smoking on your property.
  • Encouraging a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Accommodating all your visitors, employees, tenants, public and non smokers.
  • Know that your ashtrays are cleaned, sanitised and managed carefully.



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